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Change a Plan

Occasionally somebody finds a plan that is absolutely exactly what they are looking for.

“I don’t want to change a thing!”

That is, however, only occasionally. We get many telephone calls and emails from our web site visitors desiring to make some “minor revisions”. Some visitors want to make some not so minor revisions. Many revisions are so minor that your builder can make what we call “red line” changes. Yes, you are correct if you imagined taking a red pencil and actually noting the revisions on the blueprints yourself.

Customized Revisions to a House Plan

When the revisions include structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical details, it is very advisable to have those revisions on the plans. Revisions today are a lot easier to perform on the plan due to the invention of the modern CAD programs we use. The revisions are totally undetectable in the final blueprints because the CAD program just prints out a whole new house plan. If you were a builder back twenty years ago you might remember the messy sepia paper changes that we made. Yuck! We are glad those days are now history.

Do not call hoping to get an estimate of the time to perform revisions with out first reading this page and emailing a detailed list of revisions as described here-in. At any given time we might have two dozen projects working and although your telephone call is given high importance, please don’t assume that we have understood a detailed account of everything you said. A picture speaks a thousand words including your emailed sketch and wish list of revisions. In other words, we do not accept revisions over the telephone. We would be happy to discuss your desired revisions on the telephone but we will not bid on the time it takes to perform the revisions over just a telephone conversation.

Also, do not attempt to redraw the plan either on paper or on one of those “Home Planning Software” packages you bought at the computer store. We are sure you did a wonderful job and you can visualize your home in 3D, but it’s not a lot of use to our drafting staff in performing your desired revisions.

It is best to have an Internet email service that allows you to receive large attachments. The files we send will be Adobe Acrobat PDF and some of these can be up to 5mb. Web based email like Hotmail or Yahoo normally do not allow large attachments. You will also need the Adobe Acrobat Reader and maybe WINZIP. If you do not have such an email or Internet account, we have other options we can work with.

Get Started

Start by printing the plan off the web page. If you need a larger image to work with, you can Order a Study Plan. Contact our office for Study Plan Orders. We will need the information below for a Study Plan Order;

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Daytime Telephone Number
3. The City, State and Street where you plan to build
4. Your present physical mailing address (no P.O. Boxes please)
4. The Full Plan Number, example U3425R

On a separate sheet of paper, or on your word processor, list a systematic series of changes.

Such as:

1. Stretch Bedroom #3 over 12″ to the left making it from 12′ wide to 13′ wide.
2. Move the Kitchen Sink to the location indicated on the print out.
3. Etc….

Please remember, our plans are protected by Federal Copyright Laws.

List Your Changes

On the print out number the line item changes and draw circles and arrows helping to indicate the desired revision. We need it in a systematic, step one, step two, step three, etc.. list of revisions. We can add footage straight up the middle to make the house wider and rooms larger. Move elements around like plumbing fixtures, cabinets, etc.. Change out doors and windows. Redesign an exterior to look more like a house you have a picture of. Be cautious about taking space out. Remember that there are areas of a home where by code we have minimum clearances and some fixtures like bath tubs don’t come any smaller. Feel free to telephone us if you are not quite sure that what you are wanting to do can be done.

After you have completed your “wish list” and have drawn your circles and arrows on your plan print out, email it or mail it to our offices. Go to our Contact Page for our business address. If you are within driving distance, or wanting to go on a road trip, feel free to contact our office for a personal visit. Personal visits are very beneficial because together we can brainstorm the plan and maybe come up with many different options. We have had customers drive from over 500 miles away to sit down together and work out the revisions. I have even met clients at the airport.

The Cost of Changes

After we receive the information from you we will contact you regarding the cost to make the indicated changes and possibly some different options that you might not have notice. We are professionals and often we see things our customers might have over looked. At this time we will want a credit card number. If you will be wanting us to prepare a Plot Plan we will need the property information such as a survey of your lot and a copy of the CCRs and City Zoning. Revisions are billed at $140.00 per hour. Minor interior revisions might take 4 to 8 hours. If the exterior is involved the revisions might take 6 to 18 hours or more. It all depends on how complicated the plan is and the complications of the revisions. This is in addition to the plan cost plus any applicable taxes and shipping fees.

If there is anything we overlooked and you are wondering about, please Contact Us.