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How to Order a House Plan

Someday we’ll get sophisticated and put in an online shopping cart software. Until that day, feel free to telephone us at 1.800.400.9220, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Central Time.

Besides, we like to talk with our customers, answer your questions and get to know you. We’re in the office M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time Zone. My office line forwards to my cell phone and unless I’m in the movie house, I’ll probably answer it anytime of the day.

I also have Voice Mail.

We do accept Visa/MC/Amex/Discover/Checks and good old folding money. All sales are in U.S. Dollars and checks need to be drawn on a U.S. Bank.

Decide How You Want Your Plans Delivered

Technology has changed the way we do things. This includes fulfilling an order of the home plans for a new house. Although we can still provide you paper copies of any plan we have available, the main method of fulfilling a plan order is to provide our clients the large format PDF files. These files are emailed to the purchaser after payment is made and then can be saved to a storage device and given to a local copy center.

We also offer a CD of the plans in addition to emailing the PDFs to you. We have checked around and many of the big box office supply store’s copy centers provide large format printing. The Staples store near our office will print 36″x24″ large format copies for about $4.00 per sheet. We had them print a set of our plans from our PDF files and the quality is as good as we could print ourselves.

You also save the shipping cost in addition to having your plans very fast. Also, you can customize how you want your house plans printed. You can ask for 6 Floor Plans, 2 Electrical, 4 Elevation Plan Sheets, etc… Besides, many building permit offices are now asking for PDF files on a CD with your building permit application.

PDFs at 50¢ psf Living Area

(Example; Plan S2750L would be, 2,750 sq. ft. times 50¢ = $1,375.00*) PDF files will be emailed to you. No printed sets will be provided. If you want us to burn a CD please add $10.00* and we will mail it to you.

You can use these PDF files to obtain pricing from suppliers and sub-contractors. In those old days long ago (last year) a Builder had to provide the lumber company a full set of paper copies. Today, those lumber companies accept these PDF files, print what they need then provide you a cost for your materials.

Click to test and see if your computer is already equipped with the PDF Reader. If you do not have the PDF reader software already on your computer you can DOWNLOAD IT FREE.

Do you want printed copies too?
6 Sets of Plans plus PDFs for 58¢ psf Living Area

We can print for you six full sets of the plans in addition to sending you the PDF files. The normal size is 36″x24″ and depending on the plan, it could consist of 4 to 10 sheets. The cost of this service is 58times the Living Area square footage. (Example: Plan S2750L would be, 2,750 sq. ft. times 58¢ = $1,595.00*) UPS Ground Shipping is available to anywhere in the Continental USA for $25.00*. UPS Ground is next day in most areas of Texas & Oklahoma.

Study Plans

You can order a more detailed copy of a plan without all the construction dimensions but with room sizes. Go to our Order Study Plans Page.

TERMS OF SALE from our Legal Department

What you are purchasing is a license to build a home only one time from the information provided to you via the PDF files or paper copies. You are not buying the “Intellectual Property” or any Blue Print Paper. ALL house plans are copyright protected by the Architectural Works Protection Act. This is a Federal Law. 17 U.S.C. § 102 – Unless you obtain permission by purchasing an additional license you can not build the home more than one time, doing so is breaking this law. This same law makes it illegal to print out the images on this web site and have a draftsman or architect re-create these images or any part of an image as construction documents. Making some arbitrary degree of revisions to a plan and then assuming that this is legal is just folklore. Besides, it is just all kinds of wrong.


We do not loan out plans. Just like software, as soon as you break the seal it’s yours and you can not return it for a refund. If you need to see more detail prior to purchasing a plan, we suggest you purchase a Study Plan. Later if you decide you want to purchase the plan we will credit the price of the Study Plan back to you.

* Texas Residents add 8.25% Sales Tax