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Korel Home Designs offers to our visitors Study Plans in PDF of any of our Online House Plans. PDF is a file format created by the Adobe Company and allows documents to sent over the Internet and can then be printed in their original form at the recipient’s computer. The price for any Study Plan in PDF is simply 2¢ times the A/C area of the Home Plan. For example, Design Number U3119R (3,119 sq. ft. of A/C area x 2¢) = $62.38. Texas residents pay the 8.25% sales tax.

Study Plans will come to you as a Large Format PDF with a page set up of 36″x24″. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to open these PDF files. Click to test and see if your computer is already equipped with the PDF Reader. If you do not have the PDF reader software already on your computer you can DOWNLOAD IT FREE.

Study Plan Examples


(Click on the thumb nail to see a larger image. The actual Sheet Numbers might be different. The actual Study Plan PDFs are in High Definition Large Format. Web images don’t show the detail you actually get.)

Ordering a Study Plan

To order a Study Plan, you will need to telephone us on our Toll Free Number 1-800-400-9220, 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday Texas Time. If you’re calling from New Zealand you’ll need to call our regular number +1-972-769-7500. (I actually sold a plan to NZ last year!)

Printing a Study Plan

When you select Print, select the option “Fit To Printable Area” so you can print your plans onto a letter size sheet of paper. Letter size is often very difficult to read, so save the PDFs to a CD or thumb drive and take them to some place like Kinkos, Staples, Office Depot, etc.. to print a large 36″x24″ sheet of paper. Make sure to tell the Print Shop to set their printer to print in shades of grey. I have seen some come out in 2 color (B&W) and they’re not pretty. I checked around on the prices and they are all around $5.00 per sheet.

A Reminder from the Legal Department

These Study Plans are for personal review by you and your Builder only and are not to be reproduced or redrawn for construction purposes. Doing so is an Infringement of the Architectural Works Protection Act, a Federal Law, and is punishable by massive amounts of grief, humiliation and a whole lot of money. Besides, it’s just wrong. Thank you for understanding.